Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Our Mission is to advocate on behalf of adults with developmental disabilities and provide appropriate supports. This includes making services available in the community and in a home which honours Jewish cultural and religious traditions. While encouraging the integration of residents into both the Jewish and broader Hamilton communities.

Our Vision

People with a disability have equitable opportunity to participate in community life

Belief Statement

We Believe:


1. In the worth and dignity of all persons, at every stage of life, irrespective of ability.

2. In holistic approaches to person-driven supports and service provision.

3. That developmental needs are present throughout the life cycle and therefore, supports must be available in environments best suited to meet the individual’s specialized needs. Environments can successfully be altered to meet age-related needs and abilities.

4. That each person supported by Beth Tikvah residence or supports program:

a. Have access to needed, high-quality supports that nurtures and celebrates the values of interdependence, self-determination, self-worth and accountability.

b. Is entitled to live in a nurturing, responsive and culturally sensitive environment. Beth Tikvah pursuit is to prevent and/or delay transfer to long-term care facilities and to provide an appropriate and sensitive continuum of care within the residential setting as long as possible.

c. Have access to meaningful community living options (e.g. vocational, recreational, religious opportunities)

d. Have access to and support from persons/organizations (i.e. advocates, guardians, substitute decision-makers, family and friends)

e. Have the right to individualized plans of support that are person-directed, person-centered, strength-based, dynamic, flexible and portable.

f. Live, work and play in environments, which are free from abuse, neglect, discrimination and religious discrimination.a.

5. In a Jewish cultural environment which is steeped in tradition and the observance of all Judaic law and custom.

6. That all persons with developmental disabilities, regardless of religious orientation, can access service within the vision and mandate of the Beth Tikvah Foundation of Hamilton and that all religious/spiritual traditions will be celebrated nurtured and respected.

7. In fostering meaningful connections and relationships within communities.